Creative Juices are flowing!

November 27, 2011 at 3:35 pm (Musings...)

Okay, so my Facebook account is still disabled… 22 days later! I actually got an email/survey from them yesterday asking me to “rate” their handling of my problem. Since they haven’t even fixed my problem they didn’t get a great review. Hopefully they will actually READ WHAT I WROTE and try to help me. I still say, with a name like “Melodye Olsavsky” there is only one Facebook account. I answered the secret questions correctly and have gotten to the final step of getting my account back but continue to get a “something went wrong, please try again later” message.

I am not wasting any energy on my FB situation (although it may seem I am!).

I went for an echo cardiogram, a corroded artery test and an MRI. The technicians for the first two tests said that, while they weren’t the final judge of the tests, my heart and arteries look good. The technician for the MRI asked me if I had a follow-up with my neurologist, said that I needed a follow-up. I can only rest in the Lord and the Word He gave me on Monday during our marathon All Church Choir Thanksgiving rehearsal. My spirit heard (or I audibly heard… I can’t clarify that), “by My stripes you are healed.”

We had a great visit with our kiddos. They hate it when I call them “kiddos” because they are 29 and almost 26, but I birthed them and owned the air they breathed for about 20 years each and I can call them whatever I want to! My Daddy and Momma came up for our meal. The turkey was beautifully brined and roasted. The sweet potatoes were… wonderfully sweet! I made my two pumpkin pies, one with cream cheese and one basic recipe. My boy kiddo washed about 85 loads of laundry stuffed into 8 loads. (I exaggerate, but all Moms understand 20-somethings’ propensity to fill washing machines to the brim!)

Amanda, Juel and I went for Amanda’s first wedding dress alteration appointment on Friday. We also stopped at Joann’s Fabrics. The line was wrapped around the store. I wrote down the numbers for the fabric I would like to use for my MOB (Mother Of the Bride) dress. We enjoyed a great lunch at Red Lobster. Here is a sneak peak of Amanda’s dress.

That’s all I can really share right now! Hengyi will not see the dress until March 24th and Amanda’s Daddy has chosen not to look at the dress either. Darling DannyO is going to be in a puddle when he sees how beautiful she looks! No more information on the style or accessories of her dress will pass my lips until everyone sees her on her wedding day. It will be hard, but I can do it!

Now to the real reason for this blog post. I have been creating! I am knitting, sewing and painting (a bit) and working on some jewelry designs (a few).

I am so proud of my purple coat! It has a very fun polka-dot lining. I only have the buttonholes, buttons and little straps on the sleeves to finish the project. I am knitting a fun scarf — nothing hard, but it is a bit funky for this 52-year old… (I actually showed my girl kiddo how to knit this weekend. She took the beginner book, a ball of yarn and some needles back to VA with her).

Here are a few photos of my purple coat…

Nearly finished

Fun Lining

The “Winter’s Arrival” painting I continue to work on!

Lots of texture and a little glitter 🙂

The scarf I am knitting…

The chunky yarn is called "Mimosa." How can that ever be a bad thing!

Moving forward, always moving forward!


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Going in Circles (Again!)

November 17, 2011 at 8:03 pm (Musings...)

I was up early again this morning. I dreamed that someone stole the Toyota Echo. People kept taking me to the Toyotas in the area (are dreams ever real circumstances?). I kept saying, “No, this isn’t mine.” I never did find it!

I’ve been going in circles, the kind of circles I go in when I have a new health concern to deal with and I can’t concentrate on even doing the normal things in my life.

I don’t mean what I will say next to sound morbid or that I’ve given up on living… I haven’t! But… I’ve got the dying part figured out! I know where I’m going. I believe that when I am absent from this life, I will be “present with the Lord.”

That being said, up until now, the issues I am afflicted with will not kill me. They just make living life more complicated. The reality of it is that I must always edit my life, without completely stopping the things I love to do. My singing voice isn’t as powerful, nor does it have the stamina needed to sing for a long time. When I play keyboards for a long rehearsal session my back starts to spasm. My band mates look stage left and I am doing my yoga forward bend when I am not playing. My eye issues make creating jewelry or painting difficult just because my right eye usually doesn’t work with my left eye – I can force this issue for short periods of time, but can never have a “creating marathon!”

I can go through some days with little pain, but most days I am desperate for that first pain pill as soon as I open my eyes. Now there is the new issue – a possible TIA. I have tests scheduled for next Tuesday. I will know sooner than later whether it was a mini-stroke caused by a heart or artery issue, a growing glioma, or just a unique occurrence – because I am a unique gal!!

My fabulous hair stylist, Lindsay, colored my hair yesterday. I look fabulous! I’m wearing my pink “princess” sweatshirt. My coffee is divine. Today, my friend, Juel, is coming to visit me. She is my sounding board and will help me work through some of these things. God has indeed blessed me with her.

I will figure this out. It will take time but I must face what I am feeling and deal… It would help if the powers that be on Facebook would help me get back on my page. I am not holding my breath 🙂

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An Open Letter to the Powers At Facebook

November 10, 2011 at 10:31 am (Musings...)

Dear Facebook People:

All of my previous attempts to contact you have been ignored. I was hacked, both email accounts and subsequently my Facebook page was disabled. I was away all day, do not have any mobile access to my accounts, therefore, I was unable to fix any of the issues for a full12 hours.

My email account was hijacked in that I received absolutely no emails for two days beginning the morning of November 5th through November 7th; they were being forwarded to another account. Consequently, I do not know why you disabled my account. I can only assume that someone reported that I was requesting money (I wasn’t) and was stuck in London (I wasn’t).

All of that being said, can I please have my Facebook page back? I have worked very hard and have many pictures and contacts that I no longer have access to. I don’t play any of those stupid games (sorry if you are offended, but they are stupid). I only use my account to stay in touch with people.

I struggle with multiple sclerosis and trigeminal neuralgia and some days Facebook is the only way I can stay in touch as I am often housebound. My name is unique and there isn’t another name just like mine so it shouldn’t be really hard for you to find me, if you even care to find me.

I am going to keep writing and writing until someone who makes a kazillion dollars a year hears me!

Melodye Olsavsky

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I’m Pulling My Hair Out

November 8, 2011 at 11:49 am (Musings...)

We visited NoVa on Saturday to meet Amanda’s fiance’s parents. As we were on Route 70, I got two texts and one phone call. My email addresses and FB accounts were hacked. Apparently I was “stuck in London and needed money.” It was so sophisticated that there was a reply email when my friends asked if it was a fraud. The reply said, “yes, it’s really me.”

Of course, I could do nothing all day, because yahoo shut my email account down and FB disabled my account. Someone reported me to FB — I wish they had just let me fix it when I got home. Those who know me know I DO NOT go to England.

Okay, so when I got home late Saturday night, I changed all of my email addresses on my bank and credit card accounts. I also changed passwords. Then, to my surprise, I did not receive ANY emails on my yahoo account. Imagine my surprise when I dug deeper this morning, that my mail is being forwarded directly to another account – mejoy_59. My yahoo account is mjoy_59. See how tricky they are? Well, I went back to my bank and credit card accounts and changed passwords again and made sure the email account listed was my other account.

I have asked Facebook in three emails to please let me have my page back. I have spent a lot of time on my FB page and have many conversations with some great people, including multiple sclerosis boards.

I hope the Facebook powers will indeed see what happened and help me. The very frustrating thing about all of this Internet stuff is there is really no phone number I can call… I just have to go through pages and pages until I finally reach the contact, by email only page.

Can you imagine how hard this would be for an older person who doesn’t have the skill to fix this?? I have limited skills, but they are getting better by the minute.

If I have to open a new Facebook page I will be very sad. I have photos that I put directly from my camera to FB and I have no other record of them. It is ultimately my fault, but it still makes me want to weep.

Oh the joys of technology!!

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Polka-dot Lining and Other Things

November 6, 2011 at 1:09 pm (Musings...)


My purple coat’s polka-dot lining

My purple coat is moving along nicely. As you can see in the photo, the lining is in. The only things left to do are to hem the coat and sew the buttonholes and add the buttons… and make the belt. Whew! I have more to do than I thought!

DannyO and I drove to NoVA yesterday to meet my daughter’s fiance’s parents, Joe and Lily. We had such a marvelous time. We ate lunch and then walked through the shops of Occoquan, VA. I bought some beads at the bead store and, as usual, Danny got lost in the Christmas Shoppe.

While we were having lots of fun, my email accounts, both of them, and my FB account were seriously hacked. According to the emails, I was stuck in London and needed money. The scary thing is that the hacker even sent a follow-up email when my friends replied to the first one. I was able to get the IP address of the hackers, located in NY; not that I know what to do next 😦 . Anyone who knows me, knows that I was in Virginia for the weekend and NOT in London.

I have several layers of security. There was no virus on my computer. I have spent two hours this morning changing passwords and setting up a new email account. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anybody. My FB account and yahoo accounts have been frozen. I do not know if/when I am going to re-open them. I don’t play any of the Farmville games or open anything that looks suspicious. The only thing I did wrong when we left at 8:30 yesterday morning was to not disconnect my internet connection. Believe me, I won’t make that mistake again!! They used my account at 9:49 and 11:30 and early afternoon.

I am dealing with more serious issues right now. Remember my last blog post? I was transposing letters and typing phonetically. I was in that state for about three hours and then it went away. I saw my neurologist on Friday. He is concerned, but not panicked. I am going to go and get a few tests run in the next few weeks to see what may be wrong.

I think I have everything sorted out. I may or may not be able to get into my yahoo mail account. If you want my email address, please comment on this post with your email address and if I know you 🙂 I will send you my new address.

Never a dull moment, I suppose!

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Melodye’s Brain

November 3, 2011 at 11:19 am (Multiple Sclerosis)

I am writing to you to try to explain how hard it is to write when MS id effecting me. First of ,y eyes cann;t see. The other thing sig that I cannot not sell correctily. I won the spelling bee in 7th grade. It is herd for me to show you what happns when my brain does this crazy thing. I know it is doing it but I canpt contgoll it. I was an administrative assistance for Crawn American in the lete 1980s. I saw able to type 70 words a minute with w errors. I also worked as a transcriber in my home. That was really hard work. My brane is telling me to spepl things this way Ia ma mot doing anything ato stop it. Okay now I will corrct it.

I am writing to you to try to explain how hard it is to write when MS is effecting me. First off, my eyes cannot see. The other thing is that I cannot spell correctly. I won the spelling bee in 7th grade. It is hard for me to show you what happens when my brain does this crazy thing. I know it is doing it but I cannot control it. I was an administrative assistant for Crown American in the late 1980. I was able to type 80 words per minute with 2 errors. I also worked as a transcriber in my home. That was really hard work. My brain is telling me to spell things this way. I am not doing anything to stop it. Okay now I will correct it.
See?? Just another little trip through the marvelous brain that is Melodye’s Brain 🙂

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Mind Over Matter – Moving Forward

November 1, 2011 at 2:38 pm (Multiple Sclerosis, Trigeminal Neuralgia)

I am going to speak directly to those who struggle with chronic illness in this blog. To those of you who find that merely going through life every day is overwhelming, I want to encourage you.

I understand.

If you’ve read my blog regularly or know me, you realize that I have multiple sclerosis and trigeminal neuralgia. I know what it is like to crawl out of bed every morning, not knowing if the pain in my head will begin once I shift and change the gravitation pull on my face.

Because I have spasticity, I am curled up into a little ball. I must carefully stretch each finger, toe, leg and arm, and then the really painful part, put my feet on the floor and stand up. Once I master that, I head to the bathroom… (a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do 🙂 ) Then I trudge down to the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee, eat a bowl of Frosted Flakes, and turn on Mike & Mike In The Morning on ESPN2. Before noon I have also usually had my devotions and exercised either on my Pilates machine or my elliptical.

I evaluate my pain level every day before I medicate. I need to “trick my system” so my body doesn’t expect the same doses every day. Sometimes I have to bring out the “big guns!” The day after I take my betaseron injection, I usually feel like I have the flu – adding insult to injury.

I tell you all of this not so you can pity me, but simply to state the facts of my life every day.

I also am very creative and productive throughout my day, with a few naps thrown in for good measure. Once my pain is (sometimes) treated, I usually do a bit of housework, dust, wash clothes, de-clutter. I am a mad de-clutterer, except when it comes to my shoes. I simply cannot get rid of any of them. I love them 🙂 .

Right now I am sewing a little wool coat, painting two pieces and at least every day move the beads around on my beading table in my art studio, braining out some designs.

My little purple coat -- ready for the polka-dot lining and beautiful black buttons

My rooster breadboard, in the beginning stages

My beading table -- it looks like chaos, but it is actually very ordered!

This long stretch velvet skirt is going to have a new life as a beautiful pocketbook -- I have already cut the seams apart, ready to cut out the pattern.

While I can no longer rehearse the choir, I can sing in the choir. I am helping to lead our sopranos (affectionately known as Minnie Mice) to victory. I can pound out notes and play keyboard for the praise band.

If I think too hard I just sit and weep. It is an act of my will to move through each day. I have learned, in 22 years of having multiple sclerosis, that if I consistently stay inside the circle of my ability, the circle gets smaller. I have diminished use of some of my skills just because of the natural progression of MS. I am working hard to move outside of my circle. I allow myself moments of despair (you can read some of my struggles further back in my blog) but try to not have days and days of despair.

I am so very blessed to have a darling hubby of 31 years who understands if, when he gets home from work, I am curled up, once again, in a ball, and I cannot manage supper. I also am fortunate in the fact that darling DannyO works hard so I do not have to go to work. My “job” is to take care of myself. I understand what a profound blessing that is!

Be encouraged. Take every day as it comes. Determine to put your “mind over matter” and work outside of your circle of pain and disabilities. You can do this! I have referenced in an earlier post “Much Afraid” in “Hinds’ Feet in High Places.” Although I am often much afraid, I am moving forward. I want people to see that I have a Higher Power moving and working in my life (more on that in another blog).

I am blessed. It will be “otay.”

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