I’m Pulling My Hair Out

November 8, 2011 at 11:49 am (Musings...)

We visited NoVa on Saturday to meet Amanda’s fiance’s parents. As we were on Route 70, I got two texts and one phone call. My email addresses and FB accounts were hacked. Apparently I was “stuck in London and needed money.” It was so sophisticated that there was a reply email when my friends asked if it was a fraud. The reply said, “yes, it’s really me.”

Of course, I could do nothing all day, because yahoo shut my email account down and FB disabled my account. Someone reported me to FB — I wish they had just let me fix it when I got home. Those who know me know I DO NOT go to England.

Okay, so when I got home late Saturday night, I changed all of my email addresses on my bank and credit card accounts. I also changed passwords. Then, to my surprise, I did not receive ANY emails on my yahoo account. Imagine my surprise when I dug deeper this morning, that my mail is being forwarded directly to another account – mejoy_59. My yahoo account is mjoy_59. See how tricky they are? Well, I went back to my bank and credit card accounts and changed passwords again and made sure the email account listed was my other account.

I have asked Facebook in three emails to please let me have my page back. I have spent a lot of time on my FB page and have many conversations with some great people, including multiple sclerosis boards.

I hope the Facebook powers will indeed see what happened and help me. The very frustrating thing about all of this Internet stuff is there is really no phone number I can call… I just have to go through pages and pages until I finally reach the contact, by email only page.

Can you imagine how hard this would be for an older person who doesn’t have the skill to fix this?? I have limited skills, but they are getting better by the minute.

If I have to open a new Facebook page I will be very sad. I have photos that I put directly from my camera to FB and I have no other record of them. It is ultimately my fault, but it still makes me want to weep.

Oh the joys of technology!!


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