An Open Letter to the Powers At Facebook

November 10, 2011 at 10:31 am (Musings...)

Dear Facebook People:

All of my previous attempts to contact you have been ignored. I was hacked, both email accounts and subsequently my Facebook page was disabled. I was away all day, do not have any mobile access to my accounts, therefore, I was unable to fix any of the issues for a full12 hours.

My email account was hijacked in that I received absolutely no emails for two days beginning the morning of November 5th through November 7th; they were being forwarded to another account. Consequently, I do not know why you disabled my account. I can only assume that someone reported that I was requesting money (I wasn’t) and was stuck in London (I wasn’t).

All of that being said, can I please have my Facebook page back? I have worked very hard and have many pictures and contacts that I no longer have access to. I don’t play any of those stupid games (sorry if you are offended, but they are stupid). I only use my account to stay in touch with people.

I struggle with multiple sclerosis and trigeminal neuralgia and some days Facebook is the only way I can stay in touch as I am often housebound. My name is unique and there isn’t another name just like mine so it shouldn’t be really hard for you to find me, if you even care to find me.

I am going to keep writing and writing until someone who makes a kazillion dollars a year hears me!

Melodye Olsavsky



  1. Hengyi said,

    Facebook isn’t a customer paid service company, like amazon. Emailing them won’t do much.

    Go through this process and see if it works.

  2. Becky said,

    Figured you weren’t in London. Enjoy seeing your comments on Facebook. Isn’t this whole thing weird? Good luck and prayers for success.

  3. Susan said,

    I had to come here to find you. Sorry for your trouble. It is so frustrating to try to deal with things like this. I always think that if the people who do these things would spend half the time working at a real job, they would be rich and we would be less annoyed at being hacked. I miss your facebook comments. I don’t know when you have had good coffee or what you have cooked for dinner for over a week ! And, I liked knowing that stuff. Hope you are back soon.

  4. Lee "Go Carl Go!" Dayton said,

    Hi Melodye, I was telling someone tonight that I wondered what had happened to my NASCAR buddy and was hoping she was ok. Then I got *THE* email about you being stuck in London and knew you had been hijacked. I really hope you are back online soon, I enjoy your posts. Take care, keeping you in prayer.

  5. Becky "Ma" Hoyt said,

    I didn’t get “THE” email but I messaged a mutual friend on Facebook and he’d gotten it…then I figured out (sorta) what had happened.

    So, so sorry, Mel. But so glad your blog came to mind.

    Somehow this will all work out. God knows we need your uplifting and encouraging voice in our lives. You are a treasure 🙂

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