Be Encouraged

December 18, 2011 at 2:50 pm (Musings...)

I read so many blogs that have beautiful pictures accompanying the daily posts.  I have not been writing because I haven’t been taking pictures… Dumb, huh? 

I need to write some thoughts, every day, if I can, sans pictures

It is important for me to move purposefully through every day, to be grateful, thankful for what I have; not focus on what I do not have.

Right now I am sitting in my happy yellow room.  Darling DannyO is taking a wee nap.  There is a warm fire in the woodburner.  I am watching a football game (sort of) on our big-screen TV.  I am surrounded by things I love.  I spent some hours last night and today singing in our church choir and playing hymns… I was reminded of my first piano teacher, Mrs. Koontz, who taught me to play hymns the right way 🙂 

Later on today, Danny and I are going to put up and decorate our Christmas tree.  We have enough decorations for three trees. We usually open a bottle of wine and talk about our recollections as we lovingly place the ornaments on the tree.

In a week, both of my children and their significant others will be home and we will eat and laugh and talk and eat and laugh and talk… 

My heart is full.  My head hurts but I am encouraged.  I was blessed to sing with my friends Michelle and Melanie (front row sopranos).  I was blessed to bang on a fabulous grand piano.  I have the best snow tires on my old lady station wagon and “dashed through the snow” safely.

My heart is full — it is hard to explain {{Shrug}} — I hope you can focus on what is good in your life.  I am… sans pictures!



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