Bittersweet Days

January 7, 2012 at 11:34 am (Musings...)

I have not taken our Christmas tree down yet.  One of the reasons is that it is a big job, usually taking two days to complete.  I put all of the “special” ornaments back into their original boxes — and there are many special ornaments.  The second reason is that I want to remember this tree for a long time.

Every year since our children were born, in 1982 and 1985, we have bought a special ornament (sometimes two) for them. Every year we put the new and old ornaments on the tree. Our promise has always been, when each child gets married and has their own tree, we will give them their ornaments. Since Amanda is getting married in March of this year, her ornaments will be going to her house. I hope Hengyi likes ballerinas, Barbie,  little mermaids and Winnie The Pooh!

Tomorrow I will begin the process of taking the tree down.  I will lovingly pack each ornament into its box and probably weep a little.  A chapter closed.  It seems I’ve been closing a lot of chapters lately.

A picture of my darling daughter when she was 3 -- she is NOT getting this ornament!!



  1. Esther said,

    Oh Melodye, I am so sure you will miss them, but you will gain a son-in-law who will treasure your little ballerina and all of her ornaments. Take your time, taking the tree down. Time sure doesn’t stand still, it moves on, with or without us.

  2. Christie Savering Mortenson said,

    ditto on what Esther said!!!

  3. Nancy Wojno said,

    Hi Mel,
    Your tree is beautiful. My tree is still up and will be through Epiphany which is tomorrow.
    Amanda may not want her ornaments just yet. The ornaments always have more meaning when they have a little one. Hmmmm, that is next!!!

  4. Danielle said,


    • briana said,

      We do the same thing, though we have a few years before we give up any of the ornaments. I know time will fly, though, and I’m trying as much as I possibly can to relish each moment. Mine are 7,7 and 4.5.

  5. Hengyi said,

    I plan to actually fill in the 25 years where I didn’t have an ornament. I hope amanda likes star wars and star trek.

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