The 1912 Project

January 21, 2012 at 1:25 pm (Sewing Projects, The 1912 Project)

I am getting geared up to help with The 1912 Project.  Remember, I also have to make my Mother Of the Bride dress, bake goodies for 200 people (for the reception – recipes will be in future blogs. I’ve found some great ones!)  I have collected patterns for 30 years.  I’ve gotten them from auctions and Goodwill.  They were all up in the attic.  I realized today that isn’t a good place for them to be.  They are not in pristine condition, but the cold and hot will deteriorate them faster than normal.  As I was looking through the patterns I found two that seem to be the earliest… they are 15 cents.  Unfortunately the afternoon dress pattern only has the instructions (such as they are), no pattern pieces.


Simplicity 1091 Size 14 ~~ Hollywood Pattern 1416 Size 14

Here is my collection of patterns between 25 and 35 cents.


Many Many Many Patterns

These are a few coat patterns I love and would someday like to transcribe just for me.

Butterick 5519, Butterick 5908, Butterick 6852

This is a maternity blouse – ha!  I remember wearing those tent blouses.  My Momma wore the skirts with the holes cut out in the middle of them.

Simplicity 4718

 This pattern I started a few years ago (obviously I got stuck somewhere and quit.).  I love the cut of the jacket.

Vogue 5073

 I love the necklines of these obviously 1950 patterns!

McCalls 9434 - McCalls 9611

This dress pattern isn’t that old, but it has special memories.  I made and wore this dress to Buck and Mary’s Wedding in November of 1979.  That was the day I met my darling DannyO.  He kept telling me my dress was on backwards.   Bahahaha!  That started what has been 31 years of wonderfulness. 🙂

Simplicity 9190

 I do not know how to date the patterns but I am going to keep them under my bed where they will be safer.  If anyone is interested in them, I can give you specifics of a certain pattern and either lend it to you or you can buy it… I’ve never done that either, but I feel these need to be seen!!!


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