Amanda’s Qipao – Part Deux

February 17, 2012 at 12:26 pm (All Things Wedding, Sewing Projects)

I have had a TN attack for the last two days (starting on the third day). I lose days when that happens. I spent Monday and Tuesday of this week making a muslin mock-up of Amanda’s Qipao. My first step was to rip the muslin to 29 inches width. That is the width of the silk. I then measured 5 meters (one meter = 39.3700787 inches). I ironed the muslin and then stretched it out.   It ran through the door of my bedroom. I was very concerned that 5 meters wouldn’t be enough because obviously the pattern pieces cannot be side-by-side. There isn’t enough room on 29 inches.

5 meters of muslin -- stretching through my bedroom door

I laid the pieces out with bated breath.  They fit!

Barely fitting the width of 29"

I cut the pieces out, marked them with tracing paper and sewed the seams.  The pattern says that a zipper is optional, but I need to put darts in the dress to make it fit Amanda so the zipper is necessary.  She is coming home this weekend and I will fit her and make adjustments.  By the time the silk comes, her pattern will be all ready to be cut and sewed in the silk!

Bodice in muslin

Fit of the whole dress


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