Mother Of The Bride Dress – Part Two

February 28, 2012 at 6:51 pm (All Things Wedding, Sewing Projects)

Amanda’s wedding is in 25 days.  Yikes!!  I absolutely must get my act together on my dress.  I am using the Vogue Pattern –  V1162.  I began to work on the sleeves today.  I have already made a muslin mock-up and fitted that to my body.  The one concern I have is, because of my thyroid and MS medication issues, my weight is fluctuating wildly.  I asked in desperation for some help on the Facebook page for The 1912 Project.  The wonderful expert sewers suggested that instead of lining the dress I make a “skin” for it out of a cotton batiste or organza.  That way I can adjust the fit up to the day of the wedding, which I truly might have to do.  I’ve decided to make the “skin” out of batiste.  The cotton will add more body to the Shantung.

Darling DannyO is on a golf trip so I do not have to cook for six days.  I hate to cook, love to bake but hate to cook.  I am living on Frosted Flakes, yogurt and egg sandwiches.

I tackled the sleeves today.  The instructions accompanying the pattern for this particular segment are vague.  Of course my first attempt was wrong.  I ran out of organza before I finished the rose.  Then, as usual, my pragmatic, measuring, OCD brain figured it out and I’ve worked on it all day, on and off until the sleeves were finished.

Wrong -- too many gathers in the rose

The outside circles are pinned and ready to be sewed

The completed sleeves!

My new pink pin cushion -- the color pink makes me smile 🙂

The last two pictures were taken in the dark.  The picture with the pins is the best representation of the true color of the dress. I’ve got to get a better camera to photograph when there isn’t good light…  Maybe after I save some $$ after March 24th.  Weddings are expensive!!


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