Time Flies – The “Day” Has Arrived

March 24, 2012 at 6:45 am (All Things Wedding)

I am sitting here in the dark of the early morning, drinking my cup of coffee<3, listening to the Christian music channel on our TV, remembering the last 30 years.

Amanda was born 30 years ago tomorrow, March 25, 1982 at 9:54 in the morning.  Back then the sonograms weren’t as precise and the technician “thought” we were having a girl, but until she arrived, we weren’t positive.  We named her Amanda Joy.  She weighed 6 pounds.  For the first three months she had colic so bad that people would come to visit us and meet her.  She would cry and cry until their visit was shortened… mostly because we couldn’t talk over her cries.  Her Daddy found her “sweet spot” and by balancing her belly on his shoulder blade and gently bouncing, he was able to alleviate most of the pain.

Amanda loved to sing.  We’d bundle her up straight from her crib early in the morning and put her on the bus so we could get to a singing obligation.  Thanks to Grammy, we have a tape recording of her singing “Precious Blood” with our family when she was three.

Amanda was so joyful.  She loved school.  She loved to read.  She started piano lessons when she was eight and took them until she was about 12.  When she was 10 she started ballet.  Amanda loved to dance.  Amanda was a fierce soccer player and could throw an elbow with the best of the boys!

When Amanda was in 5th grade, she tested into the “gifted” class.  She liked to say she was the dumb one on the gifted class 🙂 .  She may have not been the brightest of the brights, but she was a hard worker and graduated with First Honors.  We worked tirelessly on music,  whether it was on voice lessons, Honors chorus, NAC… I played and pounded out notes, she sang.

All through her life, I struggled with Multiple Sclerosis.  She grew up quickly and often needed to pick up the slack here at home because I couldn’t get out of bed.  I finally made the determination that I needed to get my legs to work better so she and Brent could have a better quality of life.  She was my biggest cheerleader — I was her biggest cheerleader.  Amanda is a seeker of her higher calling.  The Lord has honored her life for her persistent pursuit of things higher than this world.

In 2000, Amanda moved to Townson, Maryland to attend Towson University.  That was the beginning of the process of breaking away and moving forward from our little nucleus here in Nanty Glo, PA.  She will tell you, though, that this is her “place of peace.”  My one regret is that we didn’t attend more of her performances at Towson.  I can go into all of the very legitimate reasons, {{shrug}} but what is done is done.  She lived with Ruby between her freshman and sophomore years and worked at a deli.  I do not know many details of those days because this indeed was her breaking away, a very necessary process for children as they mature. (I think parents hold on too long and thus delay their children’s maturing process — stepping off of soapbox 🙂  ).  She graduated from Towson University with honors in 2004.

She took a few jobs, stayed in the Towson/Bel Air, MD area for a a couple of years.  Amanda then decided to move to NoVa.  She rented a room in a house and met Sarah B.  They became great friends and when Sarah bought a house, Amanda moved with her.  She has had a few jobs since moving to VA, but is now working for The American Bible Society.  She met Hengyi at the church, Ambassador Bible Church, she and Sarah started attending.  Sarah met Tim at ABC and in October she married him.  Last May Hengyi came up to see Dan and I to ask our permission to marry Amanda.  We (of course) said yes!!   In June he asked her and then wedding plans began in earnest…

…so here we are, March 24, 2012, one day before Amanda turns 30.  My heart is full of love, both for my darling Amanda Joy, and for my soon-to-be son in law, Hengyi.  The house is quiet, my coffee is nearly finished.  Brent is in his old room, Amanda is in her old room and darling DannyO in our bed… all soundly sleeping.  In about two hours this day will begin in earnest.  I am going to try to remember all of the moments, to slow them down until I take a mental snapshot with my mind’s eye.

I wish for my daughter a lifetime of happiness with her chosen partner.  I wish for her the love that her Daddy and I have for each other.  I wish for her the daily joy of waking up with the person she loves, the morning “chats” over coffee and breakfast.  The evenings spent reading the daily news to each other.  I wish for her the security of knowing that she is part of a new team — one whose bonds will not be broken by the stresses of life and circumstances.  I pray that she and Hengyi always, always, keep the Lord as the center of their lives – “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12.

Be blessed today, my darling Amanda.

I love you muchly, Your Momma



  1. Estella said,

    Mel, that was beautiful!! The Lord has blessed you with many things,the gift with words, many friends and a loving family.On this day I want to wish Amanda and Hengyi a life that only the Lord can provide. All my love to you and Dan. Your friend Estella

  2. dlbmrb said,

    Very beautiful Mel. Made me tear up. I pray this day has been everything you and Amanda prayed it would be. It has been an honor knowing your precious daughter. You are always a breath of fresh faith to me. Love you both!!!

  3. tomcnagy said,


    God has richly blessed you with a passion for Him, and a love for your family that is second to none (ok, maybe second to mine!!!) Amanda and Hengyi will find great happiness in each other, as all couples grounded in the Word are apt to do. I would love to get together some time soon to laugh, see pictures, drink coffee, and eat whatever baked goods you have laying around. I think of you so often, and know that yesterday was the day that you so richly deserved!!!

  4. Danielle said,

    I was so blessed by calling Amanda a friend during her time here in MD and serving with her on the worship team for so many years! I know she’ll be a huge blessing to her new husband! She has so many talents and such a love for the Lord.

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