The Magic Mirror

July 2, 2013 at 3:26 pm (Musings...)

Hello!  I know I’ve been away for a long time.  Time and circumstances fought with my body and wrestled the last three months from me.  I’m on a new MS medicine, Tecfidera.  Hopefully I will stay in touch with you all.

This blog is directly inspired by a young mother I know, Tab, who is raising two little ones and blogs beautifully.  Her blog post, “An Open Letter to My Daughter About Her Body,” spoke to my soul.  I always told my daughter she was beautiful and could do anything she wanted to, but what harmed HER the most was how I talked about MY body.  If I am honest, I still struggle with body issues, always striving for something that is just out of reach… Alas, now age and illness have caught up with me and I need to figure out how to be content in my own skin.  Enough about me. 🙂

The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror

When Amanda was home in April for a girls’ weekend – Mid’s Chocolate, Penn Gables Pizza and a Harry Potter movie marathon –she made an off-handed comment that really got me thinking.  She said, “You know, I’ve always loved the way I look in this mirror!”  “This” mirror is the looking glass that has hung in her bedroom since we moved into our house in 1985.  We bought the bedroom suite from JCPenneys – it was all the rage in 1985!!  The only thing that has changed in her room is the wall art and the size of the bed.  Because the mirror is so heavy, it has hung in the exact same spot for almost 30 years!

So what’s up with that particular mirror??  I don’t see anything special when I look in that mirror.  I see my lumps and bumps, wrinkles and gray hair.

My “ah-ha” moment came last week as I was writing Tab a note, thanking her (again) for her wonderful post.

Unbridled Joy

Unbridled Joy

Amanda’s mirror is magic to her, because that is where she looked at herself before she succumbed to society’s pressure, and reflected my self-hate towards my own body; before it mattered whether her hair was curly or straight, whether her smile looked funny or she was too fat or too thin.



She saw her reflection as a five-year-old when she loved to play with her dolls and was a princess and was always happy.  She looked at herself as a six-year-old when she was learning to read and could picture herself as the heroine of her very own book.  She was seven and wanted to be a singer, belting tunes with a hairbrush microphone and an attitude – all in front of that magic mirror.

Magic Mirror-4


When she was ten she started ballet lessons and danced in that tiny space between the dresser and her bed, and her reflection mirrored her movements.  When she looked at herself, she saw power, grace, courage… all those things that give us strength as we face the pressures of life.

Magic Mirror-6

Throughout her teenage years, although she struggled with body issues as most girls do, while she saw her current body reflected in that mirror, she felt the empowerment of her six-year-old self, her dancer self, lighter than air.  The singer.  The heroine.  The Princess.  That mirror still has the power to make her feel good about who she is and how she looks.

That’s why it’s magic!!



  1. Esther said,

    love it!!

  2. Red Point Tailor said,

    Thank you for this post! Welcome back – I hope new medicine will help you.

  3. studerteam said,

    Just lovely, Melodye!! Love it; so sweet and true! Bravo!!

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