Mazie Pearl ~ “She loved. More than anything else, she loved.”

July 23, 2013 at 9:12 pm (Memories)

I honor my Grammy today — she died on the 24th of July, 2009 — by compiling a few thoughts her children and grandchildren shared at her funeral.  I had the privilege to read them. We laughed and cried together that day.  She lived life to the fullest and loved unconditionally.  These are just fragments of the precious memories stored in our minds and shared. If I wrote them all down, this would be the longest blog post on record.  My sister said it best (she quoted a line from a song…) “She loved.  More than anything else, she loved.”

Grammy was a cheerleader!  She also played basketball.

Grammy was a cheerleader! She also played basketball.


The Savering Family

The Savering Family

“Grammy always used the same green/white striped box to wrap birthday presents in… once you opened the box, she wanted it back. She taught me how to tie my shoes by having me tie a shoelace around the arm of her wooden rocker.   We would read together almost everyday before school when I was still in elementary school.  She would read one half of the page, and I would read the other half.  Black Beauty, Where the Red Fern Grows.  You would often find random pics of babies/people on her picture wall that would have things written on them, like ‘this is what Eric looked like as a baby.’  Ruth and Billie Graham were also permanent fixtures on her picture well.  We called them Aunt Ruth and Uncle Billie.”

The kitchen never changed... except that the wall on the right filled up with pictures of people who looked like us -- to clarify, they were not pictures of us, but they looked like us!  :-)

The kitchen never changed… except that the wall on the right filled up with pictures of people who looked like us — to clarify, they were not pictures of us, but they looked like us! 🙂

Grammy's house was always full -- this was HYBA

Grammy’s house was always full — this was HYBA

“I have so many memories of Grammy, she was such an integral part of my life and the cloth of which I have been cut.  In her house were treasures of the past: a clock that chimed on every hour, an upstairs full of things in cubbyholes that I was given glimpses into now and again when I had a ‘need.’ The stale goodies were always split 20 ways like the loaves and fishes to be enough for everyone.  When I got older and would drive and visit her, she would listen to my problems and always say, ‘It will be OTAY.’  She would give me a full arm butt smack as I left.”

Sunday morning church -- whoever was there, went!

Sunday morning church — whoever was there, went!

“Grammy was always so patient and kind, I remember her sweet kisses on my forehead.  She would say that I was Grammy’s girl and always made me feel special.”

Grammy at Goodwill

Grammy at Goodwill

“I remember sitting with her in church and she would hand us dimes, nickels, or even pennies to put in the offering plate.  She would split a piece of gum up in as many pieces as there were grandchildren sitting with her and we each got a sliver.  When I was 14 or so I was singing in church and really messed up the song.  I went to the car and laid in the back seat until church was over.  After church Grammy said, ‘No one would ever know you made that mistake!’ If she knew… everyone knew!!”

The expanding family

The expanding family

“We used to sit for hours on her porch swing and just talk, and watch the birds come to her bird feeder.  She used to play board games with me all of the time.  We loved to play monopoly for days and days and kept it on the card table in the living room.  We played checkers at the table as we drank our sugar laden brown tea and I ate my toast that she made me and cut into 5 thin strips. “

And yet, more grandchildren

And yet, more grandchildren

“She was my best friend in high school. I visited her as much as I could. I didn’t fit in at school, and she would tell me that I was just in the ugly duckling stage and would someday grow to be a beautiful swan.  I would ask her about every year if I had hit the beautiful swan stage yet, and she would say, “Not yet, but you’re getting close!”  She would sit with me around the red-checker tablecloth donned kitchen table, pushing crumbs together with her index fingers as she talked. I find myself cleaning the table like this nowadays…”

Grammy assuming the "football stance pose" to get a good picture.  She usually cut our heads off!

Grammy assuming the “football stance pose” to get a good picture. She usually cut our heads off!

“It was a treat to have Carnation Instant Breakfast at Grammy’s house, since we didn’t buy it at ours.  One always had to remember to use only half of a package to make it last longer.  It was at Gram’s house that I learned to like the taste of Phillip’s Milk of Magnesia… it tasted like chalk!!  Grammy kept it cold in the door of the refrigerator.  I remember wanting to eat some even if I wasn’t sick!”

Sassy :-)

Sassy 🙂

“Going to visit Grammy was always such a fun adventure. I remember… rummaging through the toy box in the front room, reading the same Archie comic books and Mad Magazines over and over and over again, playing Mouse Trap and going to Camp Keystone with the cousins, eating Cheerios out of silver, scratchy bowls, being a bit afraid of the basement except when the uncles were all down there playing pool, swinging on the porch swing, feeling the icy cold air hit me when I sneaked up the attic steps to peek into the small closets, and listening to the adults laugh when I was supposed to be sleeping on the living room floor – especially when Aunt Betty Jo and Uncle Rick were there.  I also remember Grammy’s special way of giving comfort.  One time Aunt Bonnie gave me a home perm which, I am sorry to say, turned out very frizzy and wild.   Grammy tried to make me feel better by saying “your hair really doesn’t look too good, but you have such a pretty face.”  It truly was a joy and privilege to be one of Grammy’s grandchildren.”

Pappy and Grammy -- he was the love of her life!

Pappy and Grammy — he was the love of her life!

“Going to Grammy’s was always a treat, and I loved lunch time.  She ALWAYS made me Cream of Mushroom soup and butter toast, which she cut in 4 squares.  I remember when Brent was really sick as a baby and I went to stay overnight with Grammy and Pappy.  I slept on the couch but woke up frightened late at night.  She quietly hushed me then took station in Pappy’s chair.  She slept there the rest of the night.  Oo… Grammy always made me tea.  And I loved how she always said my name “Mandy.”

Fearless Grammy -- on DannyO's snowmobile

Fearless Grammy — on DannyO’s snowmobile

“Let us not forget the rotating wardrobe of funky polyester pantsuits that were so Grammy!!  I remember the one time I heard a cuss word (well sorta 🙂 )come out of Gram’s mouth.  She was so mad at me because I was mouthing off about something or complaining about something and she all of a sudden yelled, ‘Tough titty said the kitty when the milk ran dry!!!’ and I was shocked speechless…titty was the worst word I ever heard Grammy say in my entire life.”

Grammy and Bonnie

Grammy and Bonnie

“She gave the best kisses (kind of soft).  And she never said an unkind word about anybody.  She was concerned about all the neighbors, and was always running something to the Johnson’s, or down the hill to her friend (was it Margaret, I can’t remember).  She loved all animals.  You could say anything, and she would still love you.  She was as faithful to Sunday church as Papap was to fishing.  She loved Papap very much, even when he was grumpy.  She never forgot a birthday.  You never knew what was in the package, but whatever it was, was wrapped in unconditional love.”

“I remember going to Grammy’s before the prom when I was a sophomore.  She said I looked ‘hot!’”

Grumpy farmer picture!

Grumpy farmer picture!

“Grammy loved all of us as individuals.  In her mind, we could do no wrong.  What a precious saint she is.  I always knew she loved me no matter what.  Even in my ugly duckling stage :). If you ever felt no one was in your corner, don’t be mistaken, Grammy prayed for us all.  I remember walking into her house and catching her praying.  She had her hands folded with her head resting on them.  Her mouth would be moving to the words of her prayer and her old worn bible would be laid open. She has prayed each of us through situations when we didn’t even realize it.”

Me (Melodye) and Grammy -- I loved her so much

Me (Melodye) and Grammy — I loved her so much



  1. Esther said,

    Reblogged this on Brownswissmomma's Blog and commented:
    My sister’s blog … oh it made me miss my Grammie even more than I already do. We were so blessed to be so loved.

  2. studerteam said,

    so beautiful Melodye! What a wonderful tribute to your Grammy and all of the sweet, tiny memories that were built around her. Loved that she tore up pieces of gum as small as necessary for all the grandkids. she sounds like such a special woman.

  3. Christine Galanis said,

    What a beautiful tribute. I also had a cherished Nana with many loving memories spent on Cape Ann. Thanks you for sharing such precious times.

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