Brent’s Birthday Tribute to Me

September 7, 2013 at 7:53 pm (Memories, Musings...)

I turned 54 today and celebrated it exactly the way I love to celebrate birthdays…  no big ta-da, just doing the things I love to do.

I slept in and enjoyed a delicious pot of coffee.  I worked on two painted pieces, one Millie piece I am calling “You’re A Masterpiece.”  I also took a long, refreshing shower and washed my growing hair.  I played my newly-tuned piano and worked on a few songs just to try and get my voice back into shape.  I then grilled hamburgers for supper and now darling DannyO and I are watching the NASCAR race and the Pirates’ game.  Both children and my son in law called to wish me a Happy Birthday.  DannyO got me two beautiful cards and some maple sugar candy and an iTunes card.  My real present is plane tickets to go and see Brent in Fort Lauderdale. 🙂  I am planning to go at the end of the month.

Anyway… I woke up and checked my emails and Facebook account and this was on my page.  I had trouble reading it because tears were running down my face, blurring my vision.  I found out a few years ago that Brent has been writing in a journal since he was 10 years old.  He actually hid those for all the years until he started using a computer.

Someday, with his permission, I’d love to read some of them; I think I would… perhaps it is best that I don’t!!

Just for the record, I’m not 27 🙂  I’m 27 x 2 !!

Mom’s 27th Birthday…

September 7, 2013 at 5:56am

Everyone has been through it… that moment when you say the prayer, “Lord, I know I’m as old as my parents when I was just coming into this world, and in your Father’s name, can you spare me the torture that I caused them for the next 27 years!”

Brent's Birthday Tribute-1

… yeah, I’m in that club and we have jackets, and lettermen!  If you read beyond this point, you’re either a family member or naive to the fact that, as boys, we both love our mothers and can’t quite wrap our heads around the concept of ‘don’t do that because…’

Brent's Birthday Tribute-2

Well… Mom… I’m here to tell you that all along, you were right!  I will go to my death bed saying that I had it all figured out, when in fact, I had no idea!  But I’m giving you Facebook credit, which in our day and time, means a lot (Pap would disagree… hand written is always better)! 

 But let me break this down (say aloud)… “I didn’t know that…”:

  1. … laughing at you when Dad wasn’t around to pull the belt would result in a solid, closed-fisted punch to the face.
  2. … mouthing off to you in front of Dad would almost result in a near accidental death, which would have been 100% my fault!
  3. … not cleaning my room would only result in you cleaning it, with a fantastic guilt trip to follow!
  4. … anytime I compared how everyone treated Amanda ‘better than me’ was immediately shot down whenever I actually talked to her, resulting in the following: … “Shut up, you’re Mom’s favorite!”
  5. … I would be your favorite (you’re so sweet mom…. must’ve been the chubby cheeks, and not the labor hours)!
  6. … whenever I was out late, you didn’t actually care about sleep, you only cared that I made it home in one piece (this one took a while).
  7. … the power of prayer was real!
  8. … being your son would bless me with so much!
  9. … something as special as you and Dad could ever exist!

Brent's Birthday Tribute-3

… Mom, you deserve the world and thankfully, Dad realized long ago that you were one heck of a gal and gave you everything you ever wanted!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! 

Love, Bo

Brent's Birthday Tribute-4

… I know you’re laughing at my hair gel, ha!!!

That was the best gift he could have given me!!  I am going to post a birthday blog tomorrow… the years according to my DMV pictures!!



  1. Lillace Christianson said,

    Precious!!! Thanks for sharing with us. Happy birthday!!!

  2. Sharon Brubaker said,

    Thank God for memories!! And thank you for sharing such special moments with me, I really do appreciate it!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I know you’ll have a wonderful trip to visit your son! God Bless You Melody, you’re a very special lady!! Hugs!! 🙂

  3. Wendy Shoff Struky said,

    So sweet!!!!

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