A Snapshot of my life

September 9, 2013 at 2:19 pm (Musings...)

When I got my driver’s license in 1977, they didn’t have photo licenses.  Is there anyone who likes to get their DMV picture taken???  You have to look at the red dot and, until the last photo I had taken, couldn’t even get to choose the best photo.  My first photo license was taken in 1985, when I was 8 months pregnant with Brent.  I seem to have lost one of the licenses along the way… I am due to have a picture taken this month.  Yay!! (sarcasm)

Here is my adult life represented in DMV pictures…


Can we say mullet???

Rockin' the huge glasses

Rockin’ the huge glasses

Thankfully, the picture didn't show my whole outfit... gotta love the 90's!

Thankfully, the picture didn’t show my whole outfit… gotta love the 90’s!

Trying the bangs...

Trying the bangs…



Growing out another short haircut...

Growing out another short haircut…

So… there you have it!!  28 years of life sans the four year period not represented.  I definitely will be wearing make up when I get the next one taken next week!!



  1. Susan Gay Singel said,

    Loved this post, Mel! Your photos are beautiful (even though only driver’s licenses!).. in VA they won’t let you show your teeth or smile.. everyone’s photo looks like they just got pulled over by a cop.. lol.. gotta wonder…

  2. E.M. Larson said,

    This was a cool idea, Mel.
    I am surprised that you are allowed to keep your old license in Pennsylvania. Both Illinois and Florida make you turn you old one in before you can get a new one.

  3. Sharon Brubaker said,

    I love your picture from 2005!!!! Beautiful Mel!!!!

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