It’s A Wrapping Party!! (And music party)

December 13, 2013 at 1:36 pm (Musings..., Time Management, Trigeminal Neuralgia)

I am sitting in my sunny living room, eating a snack (don’t judge… peanut butter-filled pretzels and three Hershey kisses) and enjoying some iPod music, which is set to “shuffle.” Someday, I promise you Amanda, I will write a blog about my variety of music 🙂  Right now the song playing is “Be Ye Glad” by Glad.  I had to take pain meds for my TN.  As careful as I am, going out into the extreme cold that is western PA right now often triggers the pesky trigeminal neuralgia.


BEFORE – boxes and boxes piled on and around Amanda’s bed

As I wrote in my Surviving The Holidays post, I gave myself three days this week to wrap presents.  I ordered 95% of the gifts on line so they have been coming in bunches since December 2.  I was unable to work on the project on Tuesday, but I started Wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. and by 3:00 p.m. all of the boxes were opened, cataloged, and the presents were wrapped. (“My Funny Valentine” by Rachelle Ferrell) 🙂


DURING (pay no attention to the unmade bed or the cluttered art room — the art room clutter must wait until after Christmas)

What a Mess I Made!!

What a Mess I Made!! (You can see my unfinished landscape on the easel in the background)

After everything was wrapped, I had to deconstruct the boxes, filler, etc.  (“Another Day(Gotta Get Up)” by Jill Scott)

My very large pile of presents.

My very large pile of presents.

A close-up (without spoiling anyone's surprise)

A close-up (without spoiling anyone’s surprise)

I had 20 boxes to recycle.  And because I have OCD and when I am finished, I want to be completely finished, I took all of the boxes, sans my identifying information, to the recycling bins three miles from my house, wearing my pajamas and forgetting my driver’s license and hoping I wasn’t pulled over or in an accident.  (“Love Is You” by Chrisette Michele)

Now, because I have always been honest with my blog readers, I will tell you that two of the boxes contained presents for me, myself and I.  I have been getting Amanda a Snowbaby for the past few years and, while I won’t spoil the surprise for Amanda, I found this sweet baby angel while I was searching for Amanda’s gift.  (“Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band” by The Beatles) She is called “Angel of Joy” and I thought she was perfect for… me!!

"Angel of Joy" (really, that's what she is called)

“Angel of Joy” (really, that’s what she is called) all for me.

Of course, I got myself a great pair of shoes because… oh maybe… because it was Tuesday!!  They are a beautiful pair of Jessica Simpson flats, black with a gunmetal-colored bow.

The bow is beautiful!

The bow is beautiful!

I love the toe of this shoe!!

I love the toe of this shoe!!

I am waiting for a few more boxes in the mail and will wrap them as I receive them, but for all intents and purposes, wrapping is complete and the packages I needed to send to England for our nieces, Catie and Nikki are in the mail!!!   (“Wonderful” by India.Arie)

Yay me!!

As I did the final edit of this post, the song playing on my iPod was “Hosanna” by my own darling daughter, Amanda.  Since there isn’t a YouTube version of this song, I am linking you to a video I posted (not great quality) of Amanda singing and my son, Brent, playing the guiter… (“Paris(ooh la la)”)

That’s a wrap!!!








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