Link to My Guest Blog Post – Tab’s “Mom Next Door” Series

July 6, 2014 at 11:48 am (Multiple Sclerosis)

I know this terrific lady. Her name is Tab. I met her through her sister.  She is an amazing mother and wife and an even more amazing woman!!  I am sure that, if we were both raising children, she would be one of my best friends.  As it is, we are blogger friends and each other’s encourager.

She has a fabulous blog, which I read faithfully.  I love the way she is teaching her children how to find their places in this world and how to be people who make a difference.  I know that I didn’t thoughtfully raise my children the way she does…  I was mostly flying by the seat of my pants.

About six weeks ago she asked me to participate in her “Mom Next Door” series.  I was honored to answer the questions she posed and I included pictures of our family throughout the years.  Interestingly, she said the photo that prompted her to ask me was this one…  I was getting an IV steroid treatment (notice the makeup and earrings and new nightgown I made).  Dan would bring the kids in to see me.  I got treatments every three months or so until my stomach couldn’t handle the steroids and I developed bleeding ulcers.

1994-95 -- I was in the hospital having a solumedrol treatment.

1994-95 — I was in the hospital having a solumedrol treatment.

Take a few moments and read my guest post:

Thanks, Tab, for using my life experiences to encourage other Moms and, most of all, thank you for being an inspiration to me!!  I am honored to call you my friend!!


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  1. studerteam said,

    thank you again for the beautiful intro and sharing your post. I love your story and voice included in the series. you are a wonderful mumma and person. xxoxox

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