Remembering, Planting and Close-Ups

May 24, 2015 at 12:42 pm (Uncategorized)

This is the second year I’ve tended the graves of my Grammy, Pappy, Grandma Millie and Grandpap.  It is an honor to do it.  This year I took darling DannyO along for muscle help.  We took Jazzy just for the ride.

Jazzy loves the air on her nose :-D

Jazzy loves the air on her nose 😀


Our first stop was the Pike cemetery.  Danny weed-wacked around the grave and I started digging.  This year I brought along some mulch.  I’m not sure if mulch is allowed but… Jazzy stayed in the car and barked at the people tending other graves.  I used a mixture of pansies and cosmos.  I talked to Grammy and Pappy.  Grammy especially liked “DannyO.”



Dan insisted on taking a picture with me in it :-D

Dan insisted on taking a picture with me in it 😀

We then drove to Ogden Cemetery.  Again, Danny weed-wacked around our families’ grave stones.  I dug and planted the flowers.  I talked to Grandma Millie and Grandpap.  Ogden cemetery is on a back road and when there was no one else around, we let Jazzy out of the Pilot.  I introduced her to Grandpap — he loved dogs, especially his Socks.

Pansies and Cosmos

Pansies and Cosmos

Me and Jazzy :-D

Me and Jazzy 😀

Jazzy giving kisses

Jazzy giving kisses

When we got home, I used the rest of the mulch on my herb garden.  Danny and I also planted two hydrangeas.  I hope they grow!


My friend, Juel, gave me this faerie years ago. I love her as much today as I did when she gave her to me 🙂


Of course, I can’t post a blog without including another picture of Jazzy.  I have had quite a year and a love-hate relationship with our Airedale.  She turned one on May 14.  In the last week we have seen a drastic change in her behavior!!  She is listening, not as demanding and I can actually exist in the same space with her as I create – both sewing and painting.

“I’m ready for my close-up!”





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