Moving Through the Next Chapter of My Life (such as it is)

June 16, 2015 at 11:28 am (mixed media, Multiple Sclerosis, occipital neuralgia, Sewing Projects, Trigeminal Neuralgia)

I have been moving right along as I work through a rough spring with my trigeminal and occipital neuralgia.  When these storm systems roll through, my face and head have their own agenda.  My botox injections were adminstered late due to a change in hospitalization (which is a pain to navigate when one has chronic conditions).  The botox, while not completely effective, takes the brunt of the worst pain from me.  The last two months have been more bad days than good.

I have had some orders for my mixed media “Journey” pieces so I have been spending a few hours each day working on them.  I am having them photographed by a wonderful photographer, Tab James of AdLiv Collective in the hopes of selling prints on line.  I will continue to work on original pieces.  I promise I will blog about the beginnings of my Lovingly Millie collection.

Find Strength for the Journey

Find Strength for the Journey – Tab’s photographs bring out all the layers of the mixed media piece.

I have an order for some terra cotta pendants and usually spend an hour in the evening rolling clay and molding it — very relaxing.

I also have gained weight and not many of my clothes fit me so I am trying to sew a few summer pieces that actually look good on my “new” body.  Accepting where I am right now weight-wise is very hard for me.  I am posting these pictures, although most of my being is screaming to keep them hidden.  This is part of my journey too…

A little pink dress (the back is open with a tie)

A little pink dress (the back is open with a tie)

This actually is a

This actually is a “muslin” of a new pattern that actually fits so I will wear it 🙂

Throughout my day, my constant companion is our one-year-old Airedale, Jazzy Joy.  THIS is what she does while I create.  I promise you, this bed was beautifully made earlier in the day 🙂

The tornado that is Jazzy

The tornado that is Jazzy

Oh, and, do you like my sunglasses I got for the beach??  The great thing about glasses and earrings… they usually fit!

Cool shades!!

Cool shades!!

Be blessed and encouraged.  If I can do one productive thing on days I can only carefully move my head, so can you!!


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My Favorite Room (Previously posted October 28, 2008)

June 5, 2015 at 3:00 pm (Musings...)

As I am working my way back into blogging, I thought I’d post some blogs of years past.  This post was published on October 26, 2008.  Nothing has changed in this room, including the fact that it’s my place of peace.  

I thought I’d share pictures of my favorite room in my house.  In it, I am surrounded by my favorite things… my Grandmother’s Hoosier Hutch (with burn marks in the enamel from Grandpap’s cigarettes), my “primitive” hutch, my teapots, a collection of “Marcrest” pottery, some of my decorative paintings, and if you look closely on the bench Danny made, my Bible and study materials.  I made the drapes and arranged the flowers.

From this vantage point, I drink tea, relax, read, study, think, pray, and watch.  It is a place of peace for me.  I caught my bandit chipmunk stealing seeds (see previous post) from this chair.  I am blessed.  🙂

My primitive hutch and collection of teapots

My primitive hutch and collection of teapots


A “bird’s eye” view

Grandma's hutch, Marcrest pottery and my breadbox

Grandma’s hutch, Marcrest pottery and breadbox

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