This Blogger lost her Way

January 4, 2016 at 2:02 pm (Musings...)

I am currently in hibernation mode.  The cold weather makes my TN very angry.  It doesn’t matter if I cover my head, my ears and my mouth, it still  elicits pain.  I have one errand day — Wednesday — and I cram all of my tasks into one day.

It’s been six months since I promised to blog again.  I failed miserably.  I’ve been pondering why I haven’t blogged and the bottom line is, I’ve lost my blogging way.  Why am I blogging?? What am I blogging about?  What is my message??

I’ve answered some of the questions in my crazy brain and hope, in the near future, to move forward with a new blog, new ideas and fresh perspective.  Until that time, I’ll keep you up to date on this site.

Bottom line is I’m a 56 year old wife and mother with multiple sclerosis and trigeminal neuralgia.  Pain follows me each and every day.  You don’t want to hear about the pain because most of you have pain of your own.  My children are grown and moving on with their lives and I’m {{Still}} going in circles.  I am working on a purpose statement for 2016.

I think I’d like my blog to be a daily encouragement to those who struggle like I do, yet overcome each and every day!  I’d like to share recipes, ideas, and focus on my art and sewing.  I want this blog to again be an extension of who I am.

My Facebook book club is reading Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert.  On page 26, she writes a letter to “Fear,” which always goes with her.  She speaks to fear as if it were an entity, a person.  Her conclusion is that fear can come along for the ride.  He can have a seat, even a voice, but NOT a vote!!  I was so excited when I read that, I called Amanda and read the whole passage to her (which was noisy because she didn’t have her earpiece, was driving in VA and isn’t allowed to hold a phone so she stuck it on speaker).

So… I will show you, in pictures, what the last six months included — minus the painful days… only the highlights!!





  1. Danielle said,

    I just got Big Magic to read too. And I just love your art!

    • Melodye Olsavsky said,

      Thanks Danielle! I am loving her book. I’m beginning to dream again and the book is a great encouragement to me :-D. I love how she talks about sitting down and doing the work whether or not you feel “inspired.” So… I’m sitting down and doing the work!!

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