Practicing Praise

January 7, 2016 at 4:09 pm (mixed media) (, )

Today has been “one of those days.”  I was up most of the night with trigeminal neuralgia pain.  We have company coming for supper (I’m not cooking… ). I had a list… I always have a list!!  I begin to edit my list at 7:00 a.m. because I had to medicate to the gills to function.

Meanwhile, the art class I am taking, Life Book 2016, includes some new techniques, using Tombow markers and Caran D’Ache Neocolor II wax pastels.  I’m an acrylics and colored pencil girl and am very comfortable with those mediums.

You’d think that after 56 years I’d learn when NOT to try something new.  Now I must start over on the very first project of the series!  Ugh!!

Jazzy has been particularly restless today.  Her Dad needs to take her for a three-hour hike this weekend!!

Practicing Praise-1

Through all of this frustrating day, I’ve been practicing praise. I’m trying not to grouse through my angst, but am working to see the bright side of my circumstances.  I had a running dialogue with the Lord and myself today…  “Thank you Lord for my blessings…”  “Come on Mel… you can do the next thing…” It made the day easier to handle.

I don’t have to go to a job so when my TN overwhelms me with pain, I can stay home and medicate.

Nothing on my list needed done (except clean the toilets), so I pared it down to a few necessaries.

Jazzy just spent lots of time outside –  on her leash – surveying her kingdom.

My art project is a work in progress.  I’m doing the work, accepting the failures as I perfect new techniques.

Our friends will come tonight and we will have a wonderful time.  It will be all good 😀

This mixed media piece is one I did in July.  She is still with me and I love her 🙂


Practicing Praise-2

I am a “Child of the King!” (see my crown??)

He inhabits our praise!!


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