Drawing Faces… and More Faces

January 14, 2016 at 5:05 pm (mixed media)



This is where I am now… but here is where I began



I began art classes in 2006.  I learned how to paint flowers and scenes, learned Rosemaling and other decorative art techniques.  I always said “I can’t draw!”

Millie was my first face, drawn three years ago.  I was in a dark place and was doodling as I sat one rainy October day.  I drew her and wrote “Millie” without thought.

A year ago I had an idea for 4 mixed media pieces — I call them my “Journey” Pieces. “Find Joy In the Journey” “Find Strength for the Journey” “Find Courage for the Journey” “Fine Hope In the Journey”

Okay, so I had my concept, now I needed to figure out how to draw faces!!  My Millie face was inspired so she didn’t count!!

So, I started drawing.  My first attempts weren’t very good but I kept drawing.  I don’t have every face I drew because quite honestly some ended up in “File 13.”   I usually draw faces when I am watching TV in the evening with DannyO.  The best book I purchased (and it was worth every penny) is Jane Davenport’s Book on Drawing Beautiful Faces.   Here are a few…

I kept at it…



And here I am now!!

Danny says they all look alike 🙂  I say I have a brain thinking something very specific and these are what pop out!!  My noses and mouths are getting more detail.  I am learning how to draw eyes without huge eyelashes!!

As I continue to grow as an artist, I will keep practicing!  It will be interesting to see how they evolve.  I love all of my girls.  In my eyes they are all beautiful!!!

Have you tried something completely new and different lately??  If not, why not??  You CAN do it!!


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