Christmas Word Art

September 29, 2017 at 4:00 am (Christmas 2017, Word Art)

I am usually so far behind on “seasonal” art.  This year, I decided to work up a few samples early so if people want pieces, I can make them 🙂

The pieces I decided to do are the first ones I’ve actually hand-lettered in a long time.  I need a glass of wine before I pull the strokes but, hey… I’ll make the sacrifice!!!

Seriously, with intention tremors it can be difficult to pull a straight/bold line.  I had given up for a few years because it is hard for me but this year, my word is “intentional,” meaning I’m intentionally working on things that are normally hard for me.  The first piece (which I call the religious piece) came easily.  I worked it up in one afternoon — the afternoon I worked through my panic attacks.  The second piece (the general winter piece) was harder for some reason.  I went through a few versions, ultimately deciding on the one you see here. The snowflakes are my own creations too and I may have gotten a little carried away 🙂  (like that single stray snowflake at the bottom, which I painted before I put the others on… it probably doesn’t belong there)

So, this is a “ta-da” moment.  (Drum roll please…)






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