A Unique Table runner

February 16, 2016 at 2:40 pm (Creative adventures, Home Projects)

I meant to write this blog post last week but I lost three days… again!!  {{Sigh}} Every time I think I am winning the battle, I get socked with a TN and ON attack.  I am happy that I was only down for three days and not four or five!

Anyway, I found a picture on the internet that peaked my interest.  I like to use a table runner for my kitchen table.  I have various themes… winter, summer, Christmas.  I was putting away my winter runner since Punxsutawney Phil did predict an early spring — yeah right!!  I wasn’t ready to put out my summer-themed runner so I was trying to find ideas.

I cannot claim that this is my original idea.  However, once I looked, there were so many examples, I couldn’t point you to the originator of this idea…  so I will say that it is original to me because of my unique parts 🙂  Cryptic enough??

I found my stash of doilies.

Table Runner-6

I ironed and starched said doilies.

Table Runner-7

I divided the doilies into shapes…

Table Runner-5

Then I put painter’s tape 18″ apart on my table and started to place the doilies.  I knew that the middle doily needed to be the large blue one — my Grandma Millie’s.  There are others from her but they are mixed into the many I’ve purchased at auctions in those $1.00 boxes!

Table Runner-4

I played around with placement and then used cotton thread to connect the doilies.  They are done securely but I can take them apart easily should I decide to do something different.

Table Runner-1

Table Runner-3

Table Runner-2

It took only about two hours from start to finish.  I spent lots of time ironing all of the doilies…  I have enough left over to make a few more!!

The vase is one I “mirrored” myself.  You can see the tutorial here.




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That Time I Knitted A Hat (Twice)

January 17, 2016 at 9:54 pm (Creative adventures, Knitting projects, mixed media)

I am taking a 5-6 day break from Facebook.  I find that it can be a giant hole that sucks me in and before I know it, hours have passed!!  I’ve got stuff to do!!  So… if you don’t hear from me, I’m okay, really, I am!!

Last year I bought a beautiful book of knitting projects called Boutique Knits.The Time I Knitted A Hat (Twice)-5

I have to be honest and tell you that I bought it solely for the hat pictured on the cover!!  Actually there are a few more I want to work up but I need the specific needles so that goes in my pile of “to-do projects.”

Knitting for me is an interesting adventure because I am a self-taught, left-handed knitter!! Everything I read now tells me I should have learned the “continental” way.  Well, I tried that last year and it was a big fat *FAIL.  So, I need to reverse all of the directions.  Try and do that while you are knitting (and you only knit once or twice a year)!!  You guessed it… I tear out rows and rows!!

Anyway, I made the beautiful hat last year in a raspberry color.  I was Amanda’s “band” for a women’s retreat while she led worship.  I had her put the hat on and she looked so beautiful in it I gave it to her!

The Time I Knitted A Hat (Twice)-3

Doesn’t she look beautiful?!?!?! (As an aside, it took me 30 minutes to figure out how to get this ONE picture from her Instagram account 🙂  )   I may not be tech-savy, but I am persistent!!

Anyway, this year I decided to knit myself one.  I didn’t want a twin look so I chose a lighter pink.  It went much smoother this time because I caught my “backwards” error only two rows into the body of the hat!!

The Time I Knitted A Hat (Twice)-2

I love my hat!!

Today the Pittsburgh Steelers played in a playoff game in Denver.  I was so nervous and since I couldn’t peruse Facebook for relief, (remember my hiatus…), I decided to draw a face with a twist…

The Time I Knitted A Hat (Twice)-4.jpg

Isn’t she beautiful???  I don’t know what I’m going to do with her, but I know it will be something special!!

Here’s to a productive week!!!

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Mercury Glass Hydrangea Project

November 15, 2012 at 10:17 am (Creative adventures)

I have a few favorite blogs I peruse weekly.  One of them is Team Studer — I love reading about Tab’s adventures with her two children and darling hubby.  Another blog I read is One Creative Couple.  I took painting lessons from Paul and Cathy for about 5 years.  They encouraged my talent, encouraged my soul, and offered me friendship.

Paul and Cathy wrote a blog about creating distressed metal, aged pewter, and mercury glass.  The section on the mercury glass intrigued me.  I let the idea marinate in my brain…  Hmmmm…  I bought a bouquet of dried Hydrangeas from a booth at the Potato Festival and didn’t know what I was going to do with them.

I decided to use Paul and Cathy’s tutorial on creating mercury glass for my project. I will describe it here, but for in-depth instruction, follow their blog.

  •  Glass vase (I purchased mine from Goodwill for $1.99)
  •  Krylon Mirror Spray Paint (must use exact paint).
  • Painters tape and newspaper
  • gloves
  • 50/50 solution of water/white vinegar in a spray bottle

Glass vase and dried hydrangeas

I taped the outside of the vase well.

Vase taped to the gills 🙂

The important thing to remember is, you must spray the INSIDE of the vase.  As you can see, I chose a warm November day to take my project outside.  Make sure to wear gloves.  It was a little tricky to get the mirror paint inside a curvy vase, but, with a little effort, I did.  Paul and Cathy say to spray four light coats, giving one minute of drying time between coats.  I must admit that, because of all of the curves, it took me a few more coats to get everything completely mirrored.

Mirror paint applied to the INSIDE of the vase.

I then took my solution of white vinegar/water in a small spray bottle and sprayed the inside of the vase.  I let it sit for a few minutes.  Then, taking a paper towel, which was also soaked in the solution, I started to rub some of the mirror spray off.  I allowed it to happen organically.  It took a little elbow grease because I think I sprayed too many layers of paint on some of the curves 🙂

You can see the distressed areas on the vase (they look black). You can also see me taking the picture 🙂

Ta-Da!!  It is a beautiful addition to our kitchen table.  The blue doily was my Grandma Amelia’s.

The finished project

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