Happiness Is A Great Pair of Shoes

March 11, 2011 at 3:34 pm (Musings..., Product Reviews)

If you have ever seen my closet, you will recognize that I love shoes.  When I get in my de-clutter mood, I tend to give shoes away.  That is a move I always regret.  The first thing I notice about a person is their shoes.  I used to love, love, love to wear high heels and I wore them well 🙂

With my balance issues, I can only wear high heels for short periods of time, usually when I sing.  However, that doesn’t keep me from perusing the Internet for great shoes.  I’ve found two pairs that I thought I would share with you.  They come from my new favorite shopping place, ModCloth.

Mustard Shoes 🙂


Pink is my FAVORITE color


Are you smiling???  I am!!  🙂


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Duncan Hines Cupcakes ~~ A Great Idea!

February 10, 2010 at 9:56 am (Product Reviews)

12-15 cupcake box mix 🙂

I use Duncan Hines box cake mixes for my cakes.  The moisture can’t be duplicated in a “from scratch” cake.  However, I often add something to make the box mix unique to me.  When I make a chocolate cake, I use cold coffee for the water and always add a few tablespoons of instant coffee for depth of flavor. 

Since darling DannyO and I are now the only people living in our house, making a big cake really doesn’t make sense ~~ I end up eating most of the cake.  I accidently bought a cupcake box mix.  

I was hungry for chocolate, so I scrounged through my pantry for SOMETHING chocolate.  What a wonderful surprise!  It made 15 cupcakes, just enough for DanO and I to enjoy, but without the extra servings that go directly to my hips 🙂 .

While I cannot tell you how much I paid for this box (makes 9″ cake)  in relation to a full 9×13 cake mix, for Dan and I, it is just perfect!!

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Review: The Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop

September 22, 2009 at 8:28 am (Product Reviews)


I have never used my blog to review/rate a product, but today I am making an exception.  I have a tile kitchen that cannot take any product.  I have been cleaning with rags, on my knees, for 25 years.  Our yellow lab, Tess, is 12 and can no longer walk down the basement stairs.  I had to move her food and water up to the kitchen.  She makes a MESS!!!  All I could see were the germs (not really… again… OCD) flying around her food and water bowls. 

My best friend, Jana, has a Shark Steam Mop and recommended it to me.  I bought one at Walmart.  $79.99 — no bells and whistles, just the mop and two micro-fiber pads.  I saw it featured on QVC, but for $119.00 plus shipping.  The QVC version had a triangle-shaped head and more cleaning pads, but I didn’t need them.

What a wonderful mop!  It was easy to put together, easy to use.  My kitchen floor was clean, clean, clean!!  I also used it on my upstairs bathroom.  It steamed through some hairspray build-up in the corner.  I would recommend it.  I don’t think you need to buy the fancy version… unless you want to spend $30 more  (plus shipping). 

I am excited to use it again… today… after Tess finishes making her mess 🙂

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