January 27, 2009 at 6:57 pm (Reunion)

I am have four sisters.  I am the oldest.  I am 49, Susan Carol is 48, Deborah Ruth is going to be 45 on February 15, Esther Darlene is 43, and Heather Jill is 39.  According to Sue, we have not all been together in the same place, the same time since 1990… until Saturday.

Deb has moved closer and lives in Frostburg, Maryland.  Heather just moved from Alabama to Marienville, PA.   Until Saturday, time and circumstances have kept us apart.

We stole a few hours away from our spouses and children (with the exception of Esther’s Benjamin, who is 2 months old) on Saturday afternoon at my house.  We ate, drank coffee and tea, laughed and cried.  We reminisced.  We asked each other the important questions in life, such as, “If you could do anything, be anything, what would it be.” 

We reconnected.  It was a magical time with precious memories made.  Thank you Sue, Deb, Esther, and Heather Jill. 

Debbie, Esther, Susan, Me and Heather Jill


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