Sewing Project – Brumby – Skirt MN2204

March 21, 2018 at 10:26 am (Brumby Skirt MN2204 Version 1, Megan Nielsen Patterns, Sewing Projects, Sewing Through My Stash)

I belong to a wonderful Facebook group, Capsule Wardrobe Sew Along.  I joined the party late however sewists continue to work on their projects.  I’ve also been introduced to new patterns, outside of the Big Four, and have been experimenting with some of them. This is a Megan Nielsen Pattern – Brumby//MN2204

I downloaded this pattern into Letter form and printed it out on my printer and assembled it on the floor of my art studio.  It is a tedious process and I will admit that I am inclined to use Big Four patterns because this step isn’t necessary with their patterns.  But, since I’m stepping out of my box in 2018, I persisted!

The pattern itself is very straight-forward and easy to sew  The only thing I had never done was to sew an exposed zipper.  As I’m sewing through my stash, I used some heavier-weight, slightly-stretchy denim I’ve had for years.  The zipper I used was ripped from another garment.  I couldn’t tell you where I got the zipper!!  Although it was very long and I had to shorten it quite a bit, I am pleased with my first effort with an exposed zipper.  I obviously didn’t make it as short as pictured, well… because… I’m old 🙂

A few notes… while this profile isn’t the most flattering on me (not to give you a preconceived notion of how I look in it 🙂 ), it is what I wear in the summer quite a bit as it is very comfortable.  With MS, heat is an issue so a skirt or dress keeps me cool.  I also probably used a heavier weight than I should have because it doesn’t hang as close to the body as I’d like.  I also had to interface both sides of the waistband because I chose slightly stretchy denim.  That added bulk.

I plan to make it again using a lighter-weight cotton and reduce the gathers so it hangs closer to my body.  I really like the pockets! So… This is Version 1!Brumby Skirt-5Brumby Skirt-4

While I had planned to photograph this skirt outside, we are in the middle of a snowstorm. The white in the windows is blowing snow! I also just painted my toenails so bare feet is whatcha got…

I give the pattern an A+ — easy to sew.  The directions were spot-on, including the exposed zipper which, even after 40 years of sewing, was new to me!  I will purchase more Megan Neilsen patterns and promise to blog about them.

On to another adventure!!


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