Word Art/Subway Art — Mixed Media

September 4, 2017 at 8:24 am (mixed media, Scripture References, Subway Art, Word Art)

So, I promised to blog each and every week and already I’ve broken my promise!!  No more promises!!  Actually, I spent last week in NoVA, helping darling daughter to organize her house. Both she and her hubby work full time and go to school, which leaves no time for the little things…  I spent the days with their cat, Phlox 🙂 .  I had fun!!


I actually would be a professional organizer if I didn’t have these little things, MS, ON, TN, which leave me exhausted after a few days of hard work.  I enjoyed visiting with her and we shopped, ate, talked and laughed and loved on each other.  I realized how much I really miss her,  She correctly stated that, after about 5 days, we’re ready for a break from each other.  I like to think we’ve learned, in 35 years, how to speak to each other and encourage each other!!

Anyway, I thought I’d catch you up on some of the art I’ve been doing, using my Silhouette machine and lots of trial and error.

This was one of the hardest pieces I did and it was one of the first!!  I suppose I love to jump into the deep end 🙂


I love taking Bible Verses and making them into subway art…

Word Art-Mixed Media-6Word Art-Mixed Media-5Word Art-Mixed Media-8

This is a piece I did for a baby shower…

Word Art-Mixed Media-10

These two pieces were done for wedding showers…

Word Art-Mixed Media-4Word Art-Mixed Media-3

I love this piece, a poem written on a cellar wall in Germany during the Holocaust.

Word Art-Mixed Media-9

One of my most precious pieces… the song Brent and Marissa danced to at their wedding.

Word Art-Mixed Media-2

This was just a saying I liked.

Word Art-Mixed Media-11

This piece is a mixture of stencil and hand lettering — for a refurbished farmhouse in Richland.

Word Art-Mixed Media-7

There you have it!!  I guess I did more than I thought I did in the last year… I just neglected to blog about it!!

Be Blessed my friends!!


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Subway Art

January 26, 2016 at 4:00 pm (mixed media, Subway Art)

I am moving slowly today, but I wanted to blog about my new favorite artistic medium…  Subway Art!  I got a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas 2014.  There is a large learning curve so it took me a while to make it really work for me.  I designed and made these two signs for Amanda and Marissa for Christmas.


I then worked up a piece using a line from a Beatles’ song — Let It Be.  I have a piece ready to ship tomorrow.  I like this one too!


…whisper Words of Wisdom…

And then I had a great epiphany… my favorite group, Chicago was inducted into the Rock & Roll HOF.  I found a website that listed their top 10 songs… so I made a piece with their top 10 songs listed..

Subway Art-1

I can do any type of lettering with my Cameo.  The only caveat is I need to be patient as layers dry.  Also… do not buy cheap contact paper — you will have to re-do again and again.  (ask me how I know that?!?!?!)

So, this is once again another way to express myself — and I think I’ve only touched the surface of all I will be able to do!!

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Chicago’s Top 10 Hits – Subway Art

January 21, 2016 at 8:27 pm (mixed media, Subway Art)

I am working on a bigger project but I wanted to show you a fun one I did over the last few days.

As my daughter knows very well, I was obsessed with two things in 2015; the music of Chicago and seeing Jeff Gordon win the Sprint Cup Championship.  (Amanda, did you check out “A Hit By Varese?”)

Jeff didn’t win, but Chicago was elected into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!!

I’ve downloaded most of their music to my iPod because I don’t have a record player to play their albums and got to thinking about their top songs of all times.

The website, Ultimate Classic Rock actually has a list of their top 10 songs.  I thought some more and wondered if there would be a way to use my trusty Cameo and make a piece of subway art…

Ta Da….. !!

Subway Art-1

My favorite song “Little Miss Lovin'” isn’t on the list 😦

It was a lot of work but a lot of fun 🙂   I used a layering technique and used the Cameo to make the stencils

Subway Art-2

This is the stage when I put the stencils on the piece, and subsequently painted over it 🙂

So, it was an easy and very fun project…  🙂


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