My Wish for My Son — I Love You

October 29, 2011 at 11:03 am (Musings...)



  1. glenda barfield said,

    To my three boys

  2. Carol D said,

    This is beautiful! Where can I find it?

  3. craftyone1978 said,

    Reblogged this on allmythoughtstoday.

  4. april said,

    Where can i purchase this

    • Melodye Olsavsky said,

      I found it on the internet but I do make subway signs and could make one for you. Let me know if you are interested and we can work out the details 🙂

      • Lori Nichols said,

        How much would you charge for a sign with this poem? I need it ASAP.

      • Melodye Olsavsky said,

        I have not made this one but I can. It would be in a subway sign format and I’d charge $45.

  5. deena shanley said,

    This is the poem I was speaking of!!!! Do you happen to have a photo of what you created???? ❤

    • Melodye Olsavsky said,

      This was something I played around with a few years ago (actually probably more than 5) but never actually made one. If you want me to work one up, email me at — we can talk price, size, etc.

      • Dena Gendason said,

        Hi Melody, Yes, I would love for you to make one up for me.  What do you think would be a good size for my Son? I wanted to give it to him as an extra gift at graduation in June.  Please advise. Thanks. DENA

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      • Melodye Olsavsky said,

        It will probably have to be 12″ x 22″ because it is so long. I have a piece of 1/2″ MDF (one of my usual sizes). Let me know if that is an okay size for you.

      • Dena Gendason said,

        Yes, sounds perfect!

      • Dena Gendason said,

        Yes. That would be perfect. Please let me know cost and how to go about ordering it.

        Thank you.

  6. Melodye Olsavsky said,

    I sent an email to the address listed on your information with the details. Let me know if you got it and if I should proceed. No worries if you’ve changed your mind. Just let me know for sure.

    • Dena Gendason said,

      Hi Melody,

      I did not see previous email on cost etc can you kindly resend as I am very much interested.

      Thank you.

  7. Melodye Olsavsky said,

    Dena, I’m sending you the email to an “nygirl” yahoo account. Is that your current address?? If not, please send me an email to with your correct email address and we will get this ball rolling! (I sent you another email to that address but haven’t heard back from you)

  8. Melodye Olsavsky said,

    I am assuming you no longer want the piece after seeing the cost. No problem. Just wanted to let you know that is what I am assuming.

    • Dena Gendason said,

      Hi Melody,
      Sorry, I haven’t gotten back with you. We had a death in family my husbands cousin who was like a brother to him had passed away earlier this week. As soon as we get back intown… Saturday I will get back in touch to order this. Thank you for understanding.
      My apologies again.

      • Melodye Olsavsky said,

        Not a problem Dena! I’m sorry for your loss. Just email me if and when you are ready to move forward with this!

  9. Jana said,

    I love this! Can you please confirm the name at the bottom? It looks like Patsy Gaut.

    • Melodye Olsavsky said,

      As you can see, this blog post was written 7 years ago and I no longer have the original picture. I believe you are correct.

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